Fear is the real enemy

A lot of my friends and colleagues and other well-meaning people far and wide are in a virtual panic right now, for two main reasons.

One is that a boorish populist named Rob Ford may be the next mayor of Toronto. Another is that the National Long Gun Registry was, and may still be under threat due to a private member’s bill introduced in Parliament on Wednesday.

But tender-hearted people, take note: there’s a worse spectre than a nation without a gun registry, or a city with a loudmouthed conservative at the helm. As if that’s never happened before.

Look inside you, for there lurks the demon: It’s your own fear.

Surely you don’t mean to tell me that all it takes to make you afraid is a guy who rubs you the wrong way running your town? Surely you don’t fear for your life merely on the basis of whether a private member’s bill to amend a piece of legislation passes, or doesn’t in the House of Commons?

If so, you’re the one with the problem. Look around at the world. See if you can find anyone with LESS to be scared of than you.

It’s not these unsavoury political occurrences you should be worried about; it’s your own tendency to get freaked out by mere hints and threats and predictions.

You wouldn’t have anything to be afraid of if you weren’t so damned afraid.

The bad guys win when the good guys are weak and cowardly. If you want to beat them – whoever they are for you – fight fear with love, confidence, courage, generosity, cheer, whimsy, happiness, appreciation, gratitude… anything but fear.

Remember what Yoda said: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

You want to be a Jedi, right? Or some kind of warrior for the light, anyway. You want to be on the side of bringing goodness into the world, which is what warriors do. Well, the first thing to learn is that you can’t fight fear with fear. That’s not the warrior’s way.

Fear is the the real enemy. And warriors know how to face the enemy with clarity and purpose.

Get over it!

4 comments on “Fear is the real enemy

  1. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent abuot things that matter.” MLK, Jr.

    Fear will paralyse. Hope will energize.

  2. Thank you for putting into legible, reading style, words what I’ve only managed in song. (I know it’s technically the highest form, but try singing your way through a job interview, not as useful as I was led to believe). Not only is the fear pointless, it’s contagious! I can hear panic scratching at my door at night and feel very much that a massive sheet is being pulled overhead. I’m worried people are actually creating artificial problems to justify the fear. And not only is it turning them against themselves, I’m noticing a bubble of contempt expanding in my lungs. I’m scared I’m the only person I know who isn’t scared of the dark. Is this how it happens?

    Terribly sorry for rant-rambling here, getting to the point with writing isn’t one of my strengths.

    “Scared of one another, must be scared of ourselves” -operation ivy

  3. Dude, I love you and all, but in practical terms, what else can we do but oppose heinous leaders and their agendas with counter-tactics?

    I’m a lover, not a fighter, but have been shit on all my life because of it, and not because I’m a stupid lover.

    There comes a time where being shit on just ain’t pleasant any more, and yeah, I see Ford and Harper as Pigeon A and Pigeon B. The process requires that opposition be galvanized to fight, and often, that means demonizing the enemy. So be it. These pricks have to go at all costs.

    WIth great respect,

  4. If counter-tactics worked that might be a wise move.

    But when you oppose anger with anger, fear with fear, you INCREASE the anger, INCREASE the fear.

    This is a loss for everyone, and the first victim is yourself.

    You are less effective when you are angry or afraid.

    And angry, fearful opposition is even less attractive than that which it opposes.

    Why galvanize to fight, then?

    With less energy and more output, you could galvanize to offer a positive alternative.

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