Party music: Jeff Healey bandmates Fraser/Daley

Multiple Maple Blues Award-winning bass-man Alec Fraser has played with the likes of David Wilcox, Jack de Keyzer, Morgan Davis, Danny Marks, Jerome Godboo, Rick Fines and Danny Brooks.

Musicologist and guitarist Mike Daley has played with The Travellers, Suzie Vinnick, Justin Rutledge, Rita Chiarelli and The Hogtown Syncopators among many others.

But their common ground was Jeff Healey. The master jazz, rock and blues musician whose career was cut tragically short when he died in 2008 referred to Fraser and Daley as his “big brother and little brother.” It’s an apt description of two guys who were plainly meant to play together.

Their sound is whimsical, mostly original and utterly musical: “country, blues, and country-blues” as they call it, with a hint of old-time jazz and enough big grins and backbeats to earn the term “party music.”

We talked to Fraser/Daley about their relationship with Healey, their new CD, and the musical magic they make together. Enjoy!

Check out these exclusive Woodshed Session performances from Fraser/Daley:

Turn This Rig Around
The Relentless Gambler
140 On The 401

5 comments on “Party music: Jeff Healey bandmates Fraser/Daley

  1. These guys are magic together. Didn’t see it coming together like this but it’s a stand up and take notice scenario if there ever was one!


  2. hello from Nanaimo. If you want a little airplay on the west coast, send me aa copy of your CD. You can checkout the podcast of “Blue Plate Special” any time on our website!
    stay bluesy!
    Host Blue Plate Special
    chlyFM, Nanaimo

  3. Can’t ever get enough of these boys.


  4. Hey Roots Music Canada…Great music; and what fun !!!! Thank You.

  5. Fraser Daley has a growing fan base in Plymouth England so these guys have international appeal too :)

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