Strawberry Season at last

It’s been 6 years since my last CD “Roll Away” was released as a limited-edition live album.

In the meantime, I’ve kept working diligently on on my stuff, learning and unlearning and paying attention.

The result is that I’ve grown and matured immensely as a musician, a writer, and a singer.

For all those who have been kindly supporting and encouraging me all along, I though I’d share a little sample of what I mean by that.

Click the link for a rough mix of my “hit” song Strawberry Season, arranged and produced by Gregg Lawless.

I hope you like it – if all goes well, there’s a whole album to follow!

4 comments on “Strawberry Season at last

  1. It’s nice that you’ve matured as a musician even as you’ve regressed in so many other ways. :-p ;-)

    Seriously thou, nice work man! Can’t wait to hear the final version, along with the rest of the tunes.

    I dig the accordion – who alls playing on it?

  2. Hey Dave: That’s great. It sounds like you’ve added a bit of a “country twang” over your past productions. I like it very much! Maybe it’s just my new hearing aid! Now I can hear what I’m listening to! LOL Again, well done my friend!

  3. Hey, perfect rhymes rock! What a fun song. Stouffville’s annual summer fest is called The Strawberry Festival, so send the organizers that tune and see if they’ll hire you for next year. Maybe you and I can get a mini folk festival started here. :)

  4. I loved it!

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