New Country Rehab: the name says it all

They’ve only been around since 2008, but New Country Rehab has buzz worthy of a veteran band. And this outfit deserves notice!

It’s no surprise, as the musicians that contribute to this unique ensemble are all known quantities. Fiddler, lyricist and vocalist John Showman is a multi-award winning veteran of The Creaking Tree String Quartet, Skraeling, and The Foggy Hogtown Boys. He’s joined by guitarist “Champagne” James Robertson of Run With the Kittens and Elvis Bossa Nova, percussionist Roman Tomé who’s worked with Elvis Bossa Nova, Elizabeth Shepherd, and Grindig and bassist Ben Whiteley, reliable sideman to the folk stars including The Good Lovelies.

New Country Rehab’s formidable foursome combines their extensive experience on the folk, roots, country and bluegrass scenes to create a sound that is completely unique.

Poetic lyrics, oblique arrangements, rock and roll energy and a country twang are a terrific combination in this band, both on stage and on record.

In this Woodshed Session conversation, James and Ben explore how New Country Rehab developed their sound and their stage presence. The name says it all!

Watch exclusive Woodshed Session performances of Back in Time and Cameo on Vimeo and Angel of Death on YouTube.

2 comments on “New Country Rehab: the name says it all

  1. the second i hear their name or come across them somewhere at a festival or playing in toronto i actually get excited! so when i saw them on the front page of rmc i had to stop watching my lovely pal jack layton’s funeral on cp24 and immediately watched everything i could squeeze out of this interview/performance.
    being so involved in the canadian music scene for almost twenty years, i have an awful lot of music filter through my ears in the course of a year and rarely run across music that absolutely leaves me GOBSMACKED!
    the first time i saw the band live (at the ocff conference in october 2010) i was dragged to see them. as i watched i had that wonderful feeling come over me that i was watching, hearing and feeling something very special.
    not since sarah harmer’s first big solo album have i experienced such subtle shifts in my dna and not-so-subtle tremors up and down my spine.
    the buzz this band is creating is organic, not manufactured like so many try to do. instead it is one of those wonderful rare occurences where the whole is much greater than the sum of the very talented and dedicated parts.
    advice to music lovers…SEE THIS BAND!!!
    Rock on NCR!!!

  2. Le Vent du Nord and NCR are by far my two favourite bands featured in the first 40 Woodshed Sessions. Le Vent have two Junos for best roots/folk; if NCR sticks it out for the long haul, they too will collect plenty of hardware. Thanks for the great comment, Michael.

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