Along the ancient lake

The shore of Lake Ontario on a January morning can be utterly foreboding.

Best intentions aside, it sometimes takes an effort of will to pay a visit.

Yet whatever the conditions, whatever the time of day or year, a mighty lake always rewards its visitor.

On this sleety Sunday, it wasn’t big wind or big waves, but little signs and symbols that had one curious ambler thinking out loud.

Listen: Thinking out loud – Along the ancient lake

2 comments on “Along the ancient lake

  1. Rarely a day passes that I don’t go and visit Lake Ontario no matter what her mood. And she can be moody lady. I love to stare across her expanse and just not think. This morning she was calm and reflective. Earlier in the weekend she looked like she wanted to destroy everything in her path. I love her every way.

  2. My mother lived for many years in Port Hope and spent much time by the lake. Some of her ashes are there now.

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