Credit where it’s due: Ian Tamblyn

A few times recently I’ve been introduced as an ‘adventurer,’ which I take as a great compliment—one I hope some day to have earned.

The truth is, I see myself as a journeyman, at best, in just about all my pursuits.

That includes my forays into the wilds of Canada, and around the world. I’ve put some miles on, it’s true. But I’m no master, certainly not yet.

I know a master, though. That would be songwriter, playwright, and yes – adventurer - Ian Tamblyn.

Here’s an interview I did with Ian back in 2009, backstage before a gig at the Dominion on Queen in Toronto.

Ian’s the reason I paddled a freighter canoe along Lake Superior (twice) and the reason I joined Adventure Canada to drive Zodiacs in the Arctic.

His songs about the Canadian wilderness are the very best we have. He has pioneered the art of creating music aboard an expedition vessel. He brings a lifetime of experience to bear, and traces his influences to sources as diverse as Neil Young and A.Y. Jackson.

Ian has more than 30 recordings, a Juno award, a Canadian Folk Music Award, and a reputation as the truest of troubadours.

It’s a pleasant thing to think of yourself as an adventurer. But when you walk in the wilderness, you better know who broke the trail.

Ian Tamblyn plays Free Times Cafe in Toronto on Friday, March 28th 2014.

One comment on “Credit where it’s due: Ian Tamblyn

  1. thank you, david, for shining a light on one of our (sadly) unsung heroes. ian is an inspiration in so many ways. i had the honour of doing some recording with him, and consider it a career highlight.

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