Interview: Georgian Bay Life

I had the pleasure of joining the enthusiastic Julie LeBlanc on Collingwood’s “Georgian Bay Life” for a discussion about my music and The Northwest Passage in Story and song.

It was a welcome chance to share a little bit about where the show comes from and what we’re trying to do with music, images and stories.

I also had the opportunity to perform two songs with a skeleton crew of Oisin Hannigan and Sam Allison. It was an early morning after a late night show for a huge crowd in Owen Sound, but it’s always a pleasure to pull it together on the fly.

We sold the show out that night in Collingwood, and went on to play full houses in Orangeville, McDonald’s Corners, Orillia… and the tour goes on!

Performance starts at 10:38; there’s a technical glitch in the sound that clears after a couple of seconds.

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