The many musical sides of Amanda Walther

Amanda_124 1Amanda Walther has been one of my favourite musical artists for a long time. I’ve loved the work of Dala (her duo with the equally wonderful Sheila Carabine) since I first heard them perform, perhaps 18 years ago or so. Dala did me the honour of singing on my album Give It A Whirl. They’re great artists, great people, and great friends.

Close as they are, the two are not joined at the hip. Independent projects and commitments have inevitably arisen: Amanda’s family; Sheila’s solo album; Kennedy Road (Sheila’s duo with Brian MacMillan); and now both a solo soundtrack from Amanda, for the film Walk With Me, and a batch of torch songs with her jazz-inspired duo, Dizzy & Fay.

Every endeavour I’ve described here has been equally heartfelt–and equally excellent.

It was a treat to catch up with Amanda to get a glimpse of how she manages it all!

Listen to the conversation with Amanda Walther from Northumberland 89.7




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