Northbound CoverDavid Newland’s latest album is NORTHBOUND, a live album of original songs based on his travels in the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada. Supported by an Ontario Arts Council Grant, NORTHBOUND was released in 2019. The album is available on CD and all digital platforms.

David’s band, Uncharted Waters (Sam Allison, Saskia Tomkins, Steafan Hannigan and Oisin Hannigan) are joined by Inuit throatsingers Siqiniup Qilauta Sunsdrum and jawharpist Lois Suluk; musical guests Drew Gonsalves, Annie Sumi, Tannis Slimmon, Alex Cheung; and a ten-voice choir.

Give It A Whirl (2012), David Newland’s first studio album, was produced by two-time Juno nominee Gregg Lawless. The album features the likes of John Sheard, George Koller, Dala, Kirsten Jones, and members of Quartette, The Good Lovelies and The Bebop Cowboys. Give It A Whirl is available on CD and iTunes.

David released the CDs Roll Away in 2005, and Evergreen in 2003, and a cassette, Of Moose and Men in 1995.

 “His songwriting—which celebrates the basic, small-town, homey pleasures of things like bare feet on a gravel road, strawberry season, and autumn leaves—while universal, is precise and beautifully integrated into the music in a way that seems inevitable.” – Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs

David Newland’s success as a songwriter includes “Riding on the Railway, the theme song for the CTV feature Canada’s Greatest Ride, in which David also appears and performs on a train crossing Canada. David’s canoe anthem “Faster Than You Know” won “Best Music” at the Waterwalker Film Festival, and ukulele favourite “That’s the Miracle” was featured prominently in “The Gospel According to Uke” on the CBC’s Sunday Edition. David’s song “When the Whistle Blows” appears on Aengus Finnan’s 2013 live album, Once Upon A Time.

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